About Us


SOAR Management Consulting Group typically provides pro bono management consulting services to small and midsize Greater Boston nonprofits and public agencies facing planning and operational challenges associated with organizational growth and change. Since 2006, SOAR has helped clients meet strategic objectives, strengthen their governance and leadership, and adapt to changing cultural and economic trends.


Our strategic and action-oriented problem solving approach enables clients to create positive changes in their communities. Consultants are accomplished management professionals with extensive experience in the nonprofit, private and public sectors. SOAR Management Consulting Group teams and clients work together to determine the scope of the consultation, responding to the critical needs identified by the organization, and collaborating throughout the course of a consulting project. We provide the framework and support to help clients follow through on consulting recommendations.

Organizational Structure

SOAR Management Consulting Group is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation overseen by a Board of Directors and guided by a three-year strategic plan. Board Members are experienced management professionals who have engaged directly with nonprofits as SOAR Management Consultants. There are several standing and ad hoc committees addressing core functions such as Development, Governance, Client Relations, Consultant Relations, and Outcome Measurement. Donations and grants provide financial support for administrative and professional development activities.

Board of Directors

Susan Glazer, Board Chair
Anne Meyers, Treasurer 
Michael McConnell, Secretary

Joan Bowen
Don Bucholtz
Maggie Debbie

Simon Dolan
Janice Fineman
Ted Tabloski

Jim Welch
Janet Wertheimer

Contact us at info@soarmcg.org or 617-564-3402.