Frequently Asked Questions

For Clients

What types of consultations does SOAR provide?

  • Strategic Plans
  • Marketing/Branding Plans
  • Organizational  Planning/Development
  • Business Plans
  • Financial Analysis
  • Board Development
  • Needs Assessments

What are the requirements to be accepted as a SOAR client?

Clients who are selected will have the leadership and organizational capacity to effectively participate in the project and carry out recommendations for change.

What are the terms of the consulting agreement?

SOAR consulting agreements are customized to each client’s needs, defining the scope and objectives of the agreed engagement, outlining goals and desired outcomes and providing practical details on the engagement’s staffing and time frame.

What is the usual time frame for a consulting engagement?

A consulting engagement generally lasts between four and nine months depending on the nature of the project.

How soon after the organization applies for consulting services does the consulting engagement begin?

Requests are considered on a rolling basis and the engagement begins as soon as the review is completed.

Is there a fee for this service?

The service is typically offered on a pro bono basis as part of the SOAR Management Consulting program. Donations to support the program are appreciated.

For Consultants

What are the requirements to become a SOAR management consultant?

Consultants are required to have significant executive/professional level experience and/or relevant specialized skills.

What kind of training is required for SOAR management consultants?

Qualified candidates are interviewed and those selected participate in a professional development orientation over an eight-week period (five hours per week). Workshop topics include nonprofit structure, strategic planning, nonprofit finance, program evaluation/outcome measures, relationship management, and consulting skills. Sessions also include guest speakers. Workshops are interactive and consultants share knowledge from work and volunteer experiences.

Who are the members of the consulting group team?

The team is composed of a team project coordinator and additional consultants with complementary expertise related to the consulting engagement.  Experienced project coaches provide oversight, guidance and support teams when requested throughout the course of the consulting engagement.